Free Software for Students
Maxwell Dynamics believes in enabling the future generation of petrophysicists, geosteering engineers, reservoir engineers, geophysicists, and more. We offer free licenses of our software for students to use for their thesis work. If you are a student and are interested in using our products, please contact us ( for more info.

Sponsorship to Professional Society
Maxwell Dynamics has sponsored the annual SPWLA (Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts) Symposiums over the years to promote technologies.

Teaching at Symposiums
Scientists from Maxwell Dynamics volunteer at professional societies to teach short courses on Geosteering and Logging While Drilling technologies.
Resource Center
LWD/MWD Resistivity Tool Survey
2022 SPWLA Paper on “Spatial Sensitivity Study Essential to Geosteering Interpretation”
2022 SPWLA Paper on “An Efficient and Effective Algorithm for Mapping Reservoir Boundaries”
2022 SPWLA Paper on “Defining Geologic Structure Encountered in Horizontal Well and Its Impact on Petrophysical Evaluation”
2021 SPWLA Paper on “Deciphering the Capabilities of Look-Ahead Methods in LWD”
2020 Interpretation Paper on “On the depth of detection of logging-while-drilling resistivity measurements for looking-around and looking-ahead applications”
2019 Interpretation Paper on “Pseudo-focusing Processing of Array Induction Logging Measurements in High-angle Wells”
2017 SPWLA Paper on "Distance of Detection for LWD Deep and Ultra-Deep Azimuthal Resistivity Tools"
2016 SPWLA Paper on "Interpretation of Azimuthal Propagation Resistivity Measurements: Modeling, Inversion, Application and Discussion"
2015 SEG-TLE Paper on "Uncertainty in Geosteering and Interpretation of Horizontal Wells — The Necessity for Constraints and Geometric Models"
2014 SEG-INT Paper on "Multidisciplinary Approach in Determining the Best Zone to Land A Haynesville Horizontal Well"
Client Content (login required)
An extensive library of materials (software installation files, instructions, user manuals, demo videos, references, etc.) are available at Maxwell Dynamics' private website for its clients. If you do not have a download account, please email to set one up.

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